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  • Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 13 recap

    I am going to assume Mimi does not understand freedom of the press. Considering she claimed her sex tape was “leaked”.

    Well just to fill you in on the details, Benzino wants to put Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly, without paying her for the photo shoot.

    So, Benzino brings Stevie J to Hip Hop Weekly Headquarters to discuss the next business move..

    “Right now Sleaze, she’s probably the most talked about woman on Earth,” says Benzino.

    A father to his daughter, Stevie looks out for his daughter’s best interest, Stevie does a full circle and tells his partner-in-crime that putting the mother of his child on the cover to celebrate her sexcapades isn’t something he’s ready to do.

    Benzino tries to convince Stevie J with the number of copies the issue will sell, but Stevie makes an actual adult comment says, , “All money ain’t good money.”
    PAUSE! Not hating, but did Stevie J grew a heart just now? Stevie says he needs some time to think about it, but Zino does what he wants and goes after Mimi for the cover anyway.


    Zino decides to invite Mimi and her publicist Dawn (mind you she was Joseline’s manager a few episodes ago) to Hip Hop Weekly Headquarters and run the idea by her, lets just say, Mimi is not feeling that,She wants $10,000. I mean dang! just because you got paid to hang on a shower rod, ( at very strong rod by the way….. my bad for the side comment) naked doesn’t mean people want buy a magazine with you fully clothed. Beside I sure majority viewer of this seasons Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has come to an agreement that the tape was not accidently leaked. Mimi you already getting paid for your porn flick….. stop being greedy.

    Anyway I assume Benzino is going to exercise his First Amendment rights. I hope she realize Zino don’t have to pay her a damn thing to put her on the cover.

    So she threatens to lawyer up on Benzino and leaves. Mimi really doesn’t realize she is a public figure, unless the magazine is slandering her, so really she doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on – or shower rod to hang on. HA! Made a funny

    But it’s Joseline is who gets all crazy because her centerfold is overshadowed by Mimi.

    She confronts Stevie J and while Benzino told him about considering Mimi for the cover, it seems he went ahead with it without consulting Stevie on the final decision.


    Stevie appears to as shocked as Joseline that Mimi is covering the magazine. His ‘partner’ didn’t give him the heads up and now he has to deal with more darama from his ‘wife’.

    Stevie J is already skating on thin ice with Joseline about all the Althea Monkeyfoolishness and his baby mama on the cover of the magazine nearly pushes Joseline to the edge.

    She dramatically rips up the magazine and leaves Stevie’s music studio in disgust.

    On the bright side, Mimi is no longer stressing about the sex tape now that it’s out. She decides to be to think logical about it and try to take advantage of the infamy.

    Her friends aren’t so empathetic – especially Erica (Scrappy’s ex) and Ariane.

    To make matters worse, Mimi’s father has a stroke in New York.

    But before Mimi leaves town, she lets Erica come over with no idea why she needed to talk to her.

    Erica, who basically has no story line this season (besides her ex boyfriend who couldn’t afford to pay for a night of bowling), decides to pull her moral compass on Mimi about the tape. She says she is “hurt, disgusted, disappointed.” Mimi doesn’t care what she thinks. She’s worried about her dad.

    Erica doesn’t believe it is a home video. “The only thing I can do is move the f*** forward,” Mimi says.

    After she gets back to Atlanta from checking on her dad, Mimi gathers Ariane, Rasheeda and Erica to talk about the sex tape.

    Ariane is as judgmental as Erica about the tape. They all believe it looks like a movie, not some private sex tape.

    Mimi says the sex tape distributor Vivid makes it look like a movie due to clever editing. “They cut it and slowed it down and added music to make it look fancy,” she explains. Listen Linda….. Linda Linda……stop pretending Mimi. It is what it is.
    Eventually, her friends (who are still skeptical that Mimi hadn’t fake “leaked” the tape) decide to let her stick with her story and move on.


    Scrappy trys to put on his big boy pants… kinda, VH1 gave us the impression Scrappy gets a ring that appears to be an engagement ring, but instead its a “promise ring”. What kind of bafoolery…. how are you Scrappy. I just can’t! Mamma Dee is still not happy that Scrappy made such a move without her “permission.”

    Kalenna is pregnant with her hubby Tony. And their house/studio is packed with mold, too. That’s not good for the kids. So they quickly seek a new abode.


    Well folks I guess the rest if the cast was on a break. Until next time, stay tune each and ever Monday at 8pm on Vh1 for the next episode of Love & Hip Hop

  • Take a look at how Dr Dre is spending some of that new money he earned from the sale of his Beats by Dre headphones deal with apple #24hourhiphop

  • Sisterhood Of Hip Hop Debut Kicks Off On Oxygen


    Sneak Peek Recap

    The first season of Oxygen’s new T.I. executive produced show Sisterhood of Hip Hop has promised to arrive with a bang. Last night the Oxygen Network presented a sneak peek with the cast of their new show. With all the hair changes, drama, a drunk momager, and the first openly gay female rapper this is sure to leave a big mark on reality tv. Now let me breakdown each cast member for you.

    Ny’emiah Supreme: This 23 year old beauty hails from Queens, NewYork and is ready to conquer this industry with her fierce lyrics and NYC swag. When someone like Timbaland sits up and pays attention there has to be something special about you. I think she is definitely one of the most relatable chicks on this show. She carries a chip on her shoulder, which will be elaborated on, on the show. Let’s hope she can keep her head above the haters and reach her ultimate goal. Watch for Diamond, cause she’s coming for you girl.

    Diamond: I’m crowning this ATL diva the Queen of Crunk and Turning Up, from 0 to 100 real quick! This 25 year old has been on the scene for 11 years but I’ve yet to see her make a real mark on this industry as a solo artist even though she keeps creaming about platinum hits from 500 years ago. YOU’RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST RECORD GIRL! Maybe this will be a turning point for her. When she’s not fighting other people’s girlfriends there’s the drama involving fellow rapper/ex boyfriend Soulja Boy. Also, there seems to be a lot of tension between her and Ny’emiah Supreme, let’s see how that plays out.

    SIYA: I present to you the resident lesbian femcee from Brooklyn, New York, Siya. All this chick wants is to be heard, as do all the other femcees on this show so I suggest she puts her big girl panties on and get on the grind. She’s definietly in her feelings a lot on this preview, with a crazy girlfriend to match. If she’s not fussing with her girlfriend Renee, she’s crying about not having the right support team.

    Brianna Perry: Miami’s own Poe Boy Princess 22 year old Brianna Perry has arrived. When entertainers like Beyonce and Missy Elliot acknowledge your work it’s time for the world to listen. This chick is book and street smart, with a degree from UM, and a lyrical beast. But only one thing seems to be getting Ms. Brianna flustered, her momager Kiki. Brianna seems to be stuck between a rock and hard place. When your mom is your manager and things just aren’t moving smoothly, what do you do? And it doesn’t help to have momager who seems to be more preoccupied with what’s in her cup rather than making sure the sound system at her clients show is up to par. Do you see a pink slip in the near future. I doubt it, but let see how this goes.

    Bia: Discovered online by Hip Hop great Pharrell, Bia is the new chick on the scene. Probably the least familiar, but she has 2 different labels interested in her so she much be doing something right. I’m not sure what her voice is yet, but I’m hoping as the episodes come we’ll hear more about her other than “I don’t want to go back to Chicago.” Pretty girl, but let’s get the ball rolling.

    So there you have it, the 5 femcees trying to make their mark on this industry. I have my favorites, but this is just the sneak peek so I’ll keep my opinions til the first couple of episodes air. See you next time. #SISTERHOODOFHIPHOP
    -Crawford Confidentials

  • August Alsina ft Nicki Minaj ~ No Love #24hourhiphop

  • Nicki Minaj teams up with Ariana Grande & Jessie J for the release of Jessie J's new single "Bang Bang" #waitngorhating #24hourhiphop

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  • French Montana & Khloe Kardashian Are Interviewed Together For The First Time On Angie Martinez Show

    French & Khloe break their silence

    French Montana may not be the biggest hip-hop couple out there–they’re not even the biggest Kardashian couple–but they’re certainly the most interesting.  They’ve been seen together just about everywhere, and French is finding himself on TMZ–a site reserved for much more gossip-oriented content–a lot more than usual, but they’ve never been interviewed together. Frankly, they’ve been quite mum on their apparent relationship.

    Until now.

    Angie Martinez has already pulled out several surprises during her new 2pm slot on Power 105.1 since she launched her show last week, including call-ins from Jay Z, Diddy, Remy Ma (from prison), and today, the first official French Kardashian interview.  The interview, which began as a 1-on-1 with French and Angie, touched on several interesting topics, including the new music French is coming out with–specifically his collaborations with Kanye West, for both his album and Ye’s–how he met Khloe, the role Diddy played in connecting them, fasting, and a slew of other talking points.

    Angie and French were later joined by Khloe, who basically told the whole world to lay off her man, and keep their comments to themselves.  The following is a direct quote from French’s portion of the interview, a pretty important one, that pretty much explains his and Khloe’s whole relationship.


  • Paula Patton Reportedly Moving Forward With Divorce

    Damn, Robin

    Earlier this year–February to be exact–Robin Thicke and Paula Patton separated, ending a relationship they started in 1993, and made official in 2005 when they were married.  It was certainly a jarring occurrence for all involved, but through the public eye, it appeared to be a lot more tragic to Robin Thicke, who felt he had a lot of apologizing to do.  Less than a year after releasing his chart-topping Blurred Lines album–many speculate the title track to said album may have contributed to the couple’s decline–Thicke released Paula, an album dedicated to the reparation of his damaged marriage.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if Thicke’s elaborate scheme was met with Paula’s open arms.  According to a TMZ report, Robin has officially instructed his lawyer to begin dividing the assets, as he expects Patton to officially file for divorce very soon.  Furthermore, the couple officially put their Bel-Air home–in which they haven’t lived since their initial separation in February–up for sale.

    For the record, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 177,000.  Paula debuted earlier this month at #9 with first-week sales of 29,000.  Talk about insult to injury.

  • Feed My Folks: Watch the First Video From Cappadonna’s Latest Album, “Hook Off”

    ‘Cause Wu-Tang is for the children.

    Wu-Tang Clan member Cappadonna, ever the innovator, has successfully done what no rapper–or artist–before him has ever accomplished:  He’s successfully dropped an entire album with no hooks, simultaneously creating both art and history, as it’s the first ever hookless hip hop album.  The project’s title, Hook Off, is a clever play on words, boldly hinting at Cappadonna’s powerful, commanding, lyricism.  Cappadonna & company’s skillful wordplay is accompanied by nostalgia-inducing beats, for an unforgettable listening experience.

    “Most popular hip-hop songs can only be remembered by a catchy hook, so with no hook the listener has no choice but to take in the lyrical content, flow and delivery of the artist, which is what this album comes packed with,” Cappadonna reveals.

    The first single, “Feed My Folks,” is a vivid and melodic celebration of Afrocentrism.  The charismatic Cappadonna switches his style up, infusing some of his verses with a Jamaican accent, while the rich vocals of Nakeeba Amanivea add a soothing and soulful element to Capp’s gritty bars.

    Featured photo courtesy of @mikeaych

  • Film Review: Woody Allen’s ‘Magic In The Moonlight’ Starring Emma Stone & Colin Firth

    Woody Allen is certainly a fan of using some of Europe’s most beautiful towns—London, Barcelona, Rome, Paris—as a backdrop for his films these days, and who can blame him?  

    The latest in this postcard-perfect series, “Magic in the Moonlight,” whisks us away to the South of France circa 1928 in a flurry of hot jazz, Gatsby-esque finery, and—yes—a bit of magic.

    Colin Firth stars as Stanley, a self-proclaimed man of reason who spends his days debunking the work of fraudulent mystics, and his nights entrancing audiences as the world-renowned magician Wei Ling Soo.  Magic may be Stanley’s trade, but he staunchly opposes any notion of a metaphysical world, and takes comfort in knowing that his tricks are born from years of hard work and practice.  He detests the occult and delights in denouncing those who market it as phonies.  When Stanley’s childhood friend and fellow magician, Howard (Simon McBurney), approaches him after a show one evening with an opportunity expose a young mystic as a fake, Stanley jumps at the opportunity, and the two set off for the Côte d’Azur to find her.  As it turns out, the magician isn’t quite as prepared as he expected for the bright eyed, spunky Sophie Baker (Emma Stone) who has captured the hearts of the wealthy American family hosting her in France.  Her startlingly keen skills as a spiritualist may prove too much for even Stanley to debunk.

    It is clear from the get go that Firth, as protagonist, represents the film’s classic, neurotic Woody Allen figure.  The dashing Englishman seems like an odd fit at first to play an anxious misanthrope, but as he settles into the role, Firth is a delight to watch, especially as he delivers some of Allen’s best one-liners.  It helps also that he has such an enigmatic costar in Stone; the comedic chemistry between the two crackles.  Eileen Atkins is excellent as Stanley’s sharp-tongued Aunt Vanessa, as is Hamish Linklater as Brice, the wealthy young bachelor pining desperately after Sophie.

    Magic in the Moonlight opens in theaters this Friday, July 25.

    -Brigid Ronan


  • Adidas Skateboarding Spring 2015 “Respect Your Roots” Superstar RT Preview

    Adidas Skateboarding Spring 2015 “Respect Your Roots” Superstar Preview


    Adidas skateboarding held a preview at the AGENDA NY Tradeshow. Adidas has fetched up a upcoming collaboration that will have your mind blown. The collection is a representation of skateboarders and skaters such as Kareem Campbell, Joey Bast, Drake Jones and Richard Angelides. These skaters all received their own shell-toe sneaker. The theme of the collection surrounds “respect your roots” and to pay homage to each skaters iconic past. The release date of the pack is in April of next year, so stay tuned.

    What are your thoughts on the Adidas Skateboarding Spring 2015 preview? Feel free to comment on our Facebook and Twitter. Check out more images of the pack below.










    AJR is pushing for time. Follow her on twitter @_Ynr4!

  • Film Review: Morgan Freeman & Scarlett Johansson Shine In ‘Lucy’

    Writer/director Luc Besson’s “Lucy” might be the standout movie of the year.

    Besson’s comeback arrives with a huge punch with all the pieces of the film coming together effortlessly. Scarlett Johansson plays the lead character, Lucy, a fearless blonde who defies the laws of science when she is exposed to powerful drugs. This film has the ability to entertain any audience.

    Lucy comes in contact with a drug exchange when her boyfriend whom she’s been seeing for a week, Richard, traps her with his delivery. From then, Lucy becomes entangled in the transportation of a new chemical drug, named CPH4, and becomes one of the victims to deliver the drugs in her stomach to another part of the world. But accidentally, the drug explodes in her body whilst being held in transit, allowing her to absorb the contents and activating her mental capacity beyond human limits. The movie feels like a climax throughout as black screens show how much her brain is using in percentages. With each increase, the thrill builds as she tries to determine the fate of human life with her gained vast knowledge. Simultaneously, Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) narrates his hypothesis on the capacity of the brain’s power, giving the audience an easier grasp, helping viewers follow the fast-paced action/thrill plot.

    What makes this different from the other hero/heroine movies is the director’s decision to not portray Lucy’s vulnerability, nor does he introduce an enemy that can kill her; the audience can safely assume that she is invincible. In addition, Scarlett Johansson does an impeccable job in delivering a fierce, nonchalant persona that unquestionably comes with her sexy image. She is undoubtedly the best actress to play a character who has gained full control of her emotions like fear and anxiety.

    The best aspect of the film is the lack of the signature marvel/hero drama-line. While the story is obviously unrealistic, it does an amazing job in capturing the superhuman persona that lingers in all of our imaginations. Everyone has thought about power beyond limitations, and this movie captures those images and wonderfully projects them into this fantasy inside our human realm.

    “Lucy” is a no frills and all thrill movie, with nothing too complex to follow and nothing too obvious to become dispirited, this film feeds the adventurer and wonderer within all of us, questions the what ifs, and makes us wonder about our existence ahead.

    “Lucy” comes out in theaters July 25.

    -Tristen Yang

  • Converse 2014 Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Panel Pack

    Converse 2014 Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 Panel Pack


    Converse gives us their latest addition with the Converse 2014 Chuck Taylor All-Star 70 Panel Pack. The pack included in both low-top and high-top is an eye catcher and very colorful. The classic silhouette looks even more iconic with different colorways such as green, purple, red and more. Small features of the shoe include black foxing among the midsole, metal eyelets, a padded insole and more. A release date has not yet been set for the release of the pack. Stay tuned for future details regarding the release date.

    What were your first initial thoughts when checking out the images of the pack? Feel free to leave your comments on Twitter and Facebook. Check out more images of the pack below.







    AJR is pushing for time. Follow her on twitter @_Ynr4!

  • Watch T.I.’s Wife Tiny’s New Song And Video “What The F@#k You Gon Do”


    Tameka Harris, 39, who is more commonly known as Tiny” just came out with a new song and video— all in one day, which was very unexpected since there haven’t been any promotion for it at all.

    However, singing is not something new for Tiny. In fact, she was a singer in the 90’s girl group Xscape.

    The new hit single may have you wondering whether or not it’s about the troubled marriage between her and her husband, T.I.


    But check out the chorus below, and let us know if you think it is:

    Don’t keep trippin’ on me
    You know he want it anyway
    Don’t be sleepin’ on me
    I don’t wanna ride out on you baby

    All I wanna do is stay down for you
    But you make it so hard ‘bout to give up on you
    What the fuck you gon’ do?


    Sherley Boursiquot—@sherleybee_


  • Former Knicks Guard Raymond Felton Pleads Guilty In Gun Possession Case

    Photo Credit: Jefferson Siegel New York Daily News




    Ex-Knicks point guard Raymond Felton pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm on Wednesday according to the Daily News.

    He admitted to having the unregistered pistol at his wife, Ariane Raymondo-Felton’s, apartment, located on 61st street. He was charged in February after she turned in the weapon to police in the middle of an unpleasant divorce.

    “I apologize. I know what I did was wrong,” Felton told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Larry Stephen.

    Felton, 30, is charged with a $5000 fine and 500 hours of community service.

    He will serve his sentence out of state because of the trade from New York to now on the Dallas Mavericks.  Felton’s lawyer Jim Walden also requested additional time for the sentence to be served told the Daily News.

    “We have to come up with a plan for how he’s going to do it that its acceptable for the DA’s office and consistent with his job responsibilities,” the lawyer said.

    “It’s not 5 million hours. You’re telling me he doesn’t have 500 hours within the period of 18 months?” the judge said.

    “Let’s put it on for one year. If you need an extension we can discuss it,” Stephen later decided.

    Early on in the NBA off-season, Felton was traded along with Tyson Chandler to the Dallas Mavericks for Jose Calderon and Samuel Dalembert.



    Sherley Boursiquot—@sherleybee_

  • Ray Allen May Be Headed To Cleveland To Play With LeBron

    These bros ain’t loyal

    LeBron James is headed to Cleveland to be a Cavalier again, and it appears that all his buddies from Miami are trying to join him.  Mike Miller, one of Miami’s sharpest shooters during his Heat tenure, has already inked a deal with Cleveland, and today reports of Ray Allen being in negotiations with the team have surfaced.

    Ray Allen has been with the Miami Heat for the past 2 seasons, and despite his points per game average being the lowest of his career, his tenure has been far from uneventful.  Allen hit the biggest shot of his career in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals after a heroic rebound from Chris Bosh turned into a 3-point opportunity for Allen to tie the game at 95 apiece, which Allen cashed out on in typical Jesus Shuttlesworth fashion.

    NBA source tells Globe that Ray Allen is leaning toward returning for 19th season and joining LeBron James with #cavaliers

    — gary washburn (@GwashburnGlobe) July 24, 2014
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