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Kayla Brianna Honest

David Correy Feat. Killa Kyleon - Lipstick Killa [Label Submitted]

Tinashe - All Hands On Deck

Casey Veggies - Backflip ft. YG, Iamsu!

Ty Dolla $ign - Stand For [Music Video]

Logic Ft. Big K.R.I.T. - Top Ten (Prod. By 6ix)

Vdotperiod - Minimum Wage

C Dot Castro - KILO - Official Music Video

Reesa Renee presents "Invisible"

Brianna Perry - I'm That B.I.T.C.H (Official Video)

Black Cobain ft. Justin Rose - For Da $$$ [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"Cold War" - Niykee Heaton (prod. by AK)

Rob Regal (fka Lyriciss) - Maryland | Live @ The Fillmore-Silver Spring

Audio Push - Quick Fast ft. Wale

Joe Moses " Feeling Myself " Official Music Video

IhsAn Bilal - "Beautiful Mess" - official music video

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  • Reese Witherspoon to Star in Live Action Tinker Bell

    Reese Witherspoon has teamed up with Disney to star in and produce the live-action film “Tink.”

    Disney’s been on a live-action hot streak as of late with the upcoming “Beauty and the Beast“, “Mulan”, now adding “Tink” to the roster. The story of Peter Pan is a hot topic right now with the upcoming summer film “Pan,” but “Tink” takes a different approach and focuses on Tinker Bell’s character as opposed to Peter’s. The Hollywood Reporter said that Disney is taking the “Maleficent” approach with “Tink,” focusing on the character’s backstory more than her relationship with Peter Pan. While details about the upcoming film are limited, we’ve learned that the screenwriter behind the project is Victoria Strouse, the same woman who wrote “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”.

    -Nishat Baig

  • M.I.A.’s New Video Withheld Due To Potential Cultural Appropriation

    Earlier this Week, M.I.A. tweeted that her new music video has been put on hold due to cultural appropriation controversy.

    On Monday, M.I.A. stated via twitter ,”I’ve been told I can’t put out a video because it’s shot in Africa”.  She reached out to fans informing them that the video was shot in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, featuring one of the world’s most underrated, yet talented dancers who she searched for, for two years. This fear of appropriation comes from the backlash M.I.A. received for her “Bad Girls” video which featured negative stereotypes of Arabs with AK-47s and prompted negative responses from some Arab and Muslim communities. The discussion continues as M.I.A. is still engaged in a dialogue with fans on Twitter.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 12.53.35 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 12.53.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 12.54.00 AM

    -Nishat Baig

  • Mindy Kailing’s New Book Deal With Ex-Boyfriend & Bestie BJ Novak

    Kailing’s unusually chummy relationship with ex-boyfriend and The Office Co-star B.J. Novak is reaching new heights as the two are uniting to write a book about their relationship. 

    Mindy Kailing and B.J. Novak have seemingly done the impossible: remained best friends after breaking up and now they’re going to profit off  of their relationship. NY Daily News‘ Confidenti@l column reported that the pair will make $7.5 million dollars off the book which will dish all the dirty details about their relationship throughout the years. The official announcement is expected to be revealed via BookCon May 30th, but the publishers will most likely be Random House.


    -Nishat Baig

  • Converse Rubber Tracks Unlocking Iconic Studios To Aspiring Artists

    The Converse Rubber Tracks program is providing aspiring musicians with the opportunity to create music in legendary studios.

    At no cost whatsoever,  Converse Rubber Tracks will activate for two-weeks across eight different countries to give emerging artists the chance to record original tracks in 12 iconic studios. The studios included in this two-week program are  Abbey Road Studios in London, England; Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, California;Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin, Germany; Tuff Gong in Kingston, Jamaica; Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland; The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada; Avast Recording Co. in Seattle, Washington; Stankonia in Atlanta, Georgia; Studios 301 in Sydney, Australia; Toca do Bandido in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and  the Converse Rubber Tracks studios in Brooklyn, New York and Boston, Massachusetts. Artists, 18 years and older, can register for the program beginning today through June 24th. The submission process requires applicants to provide bios and their top three studio preferences. Jed Lewis, Converse Global Music Marketing Director said, “ “With this new Converse Rubber Tracks program, we will unlock the doors to some of the greatest recording studios in music history and we’re ecstatic to offer this extraordinary experience to emerging artists worldwide. As a brand so deeply rooted in the next generation of creative spirits, we’re eager to make history while inspiring creativity and self-expression among music communities worldwide.”

    -Nishat Baig


  • Jaleel White Will Guest Star On ‘The Soul Man’

    “The Soul Man” season finale is going to be better than ever! 

    The fourth season of TV Land’s hit show will come to an end on May 27, with two back to back episodes. Roar! which airs at 10:30 p.m. ET, will feature a special guest appearance by Jaleel White. When Stamps gets sucked up in a self-help philosophy called The Roar, Boyce decides to crash a seminar to see if it’s legit. Lolli tries to get her salon on St. Louis Weekly’s hot list to boost her business, and Barton refuses to go to the dentist for a toothache. At 11 p.m. in Bustling Boyce, the church is planning a big party for Boyce’s anniversary as pastor, but the parishioners turn on him when he seems ungrateful. To avoid a low turnout at the anniversary, Lolli does damage control at the expense of Boyce’s dignity.

    TSM pic TNS pic_2

  • New Line of Dolls With Disabilities Will Change the Way Your Kids Play Forever!

    Imperfection is beauty, and this new line of dolls is proving the statement to be true!

    Times have changed since stick figure, blonde hair, blue eyed barbies were the only option for little girls to play with. The british doll company Makies has released the 3-D customizable doll. Kids can chose size, color, hair texture, and more. The kicker is, these new babies can also be accessorized to have disabilites (scars, walking sticks, and hearing aids). Here’s a message from the company:

    In recent weeks, the Toy Like Me Facebook campaign (#toylikeme) has rallied for greater ‘diversity in the toy box’, calling for toys that reflect children in more inclusive ways than the market currently offers. Toy Like Me’s Facebook posts of toy ‘makeovers’ by parents of disabled children have been widely shared, reaching an audience of 50,000 and rising – thanks to enthusiastic support from parents eager for positive representation of disability in toys.


    This is surely a step in the right direction and it’s imperative that all little girls feel special. More accessories are set to be released with the line including a wheel chair, and made-to-order birthmarks! How awesome is this?

    -Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)

  • Her Source | Get Your Edges From Weak, To Fleek With Dr. Miami’s New Procedure

    What do I have to do to get “good hair”?

    The term “good hair” has been used in ignorance amongst American culture for decades. All hair is “good hair” if treated and taken care of, and can be repaired if damage has occurred. Edges are the most delicate, fine, and incredibly fragile strands on a head of hair. With that being said, it’s important to understand how to maintain your edges if they are in good standing, which could be as simple as:

    1. Avoid pulling hair back too tightly on a regular basis (wear looser buns and pony tails)
    2. Get rid of anything that has rubber exposed (bonntes, head bands, etc.)
    3. No cotton scarves and pillowcases
    4. Avoid excessive brushing, especially with hard bristle brushes
    5. Often rotate the direction you wrap your hair (trust me, this should be rule number 1!)
    6. Moisturize your edges regularly, even more than the rest of your hair.

    Of course, there are plenty of other ways that you can prevent the thinning of edges, but if it is beyond repair, we’ve found just the thing for you!

    Dr. Miami has implemented a new procedure: “Edges by Dr. Miami,” a hair transplant procedure for women that will restore their lost edges. “Edges by Dr. Miami” will use top of the line grafting techniques, allowing him to transplant thousands of follicles in a single session, without damaging the skin. Now, these aren’t your hair plugs of the past that were often more unsightly and awkward looking than the balding they sought to cover. Hair growth will mimic naturally occurring growth patterns, making the procedure undetectable. This very safe and effective technique will especially benefit those that experience hair loss due to medical reasons; hypothyroidism, anemia, lupus, alopecia areata, or severe postpartum shedding.

    Dr. Miami’s new procedure has taken steps to restore the damage that has effected nearly half of Americans! As with everything in #DrMiamiLand, follow Dr. Miami on Instagram (@therealdrmiami) for a sneak peek, and see for yourself. Read more information in our June/July print issue, hitting newsstands soon!

    -Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)

  • At The Height Of Their Beef, Shaq Allegedly Threatened To Murder Kobe

    Beef is when I see you..

    By now it is common knowledge that Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal do not get along. From the pot shots in the media, scuffles during Lakers practice, and Bryant namedropping Shaq when being questioned by police after being arrested for sexual assault, its been all bad. Aside from the three championships of course. The Shaq vs. Kobe feud is one of great sports lore.

    Heading into the 2003 season, the Lakers signed aging veterans Gary Payton and Karl Malone (he had his run in with the Kobster as well), in hopes attaining a fourth straight NBA Championship. Another major headline throughout the season was Bryant’s ongoing rape trial in Eagle County, CO. Though they reached the finals that year, the lights in tinseltown were a bit too much as they fell to the Detroit Pistons. This of course was one of the most headline heavy NBA seasons, with the feud between the franchises biggest stars no longer being a team secret. The good folks over at Bleacher Report recently released an Oral History of the LA Lakers 2003-2004 season, and one of the interesting tidbits taken from the piece was an instance where the big shaqtus threatened to kill Bryant.

    According to Lakers Vice President of Public Relations, John Black, the tension between the two was so intense, he was surprised that they stayed together as long as they did. He even spoke on a time when Shaq threatened to kill Bryant in the midst of an argument.

    “Mostly it was Shaq and Kobe didn’t like each other,” he told BR, “but it didn’t affect them on the court. They would say something about the other, on or off the record, but it didn’t become confrontational more than two or three times over the eight years. When Kobe gave the statement to Jim Gray where he went off calling Shaq fat and lazy, that was one of the times. There was a really bad one, early on. Brian Shaw had to pull them apart. Shaq threatened to murder Kobe.”

    Some like their beef well done – @Rocko_CNK

  • Watch Mick Jenkins’ New Video for “P’s & Q’s”

    In case you forgot just how good this kid is

    Mick Jenkins is prepping his new release, The Wave[s], and after teasing it with the introductory track, Jenkins drops the forthcoming project’s new song and video, “P’s and Q’s,” a ridiculous black-out session during which Jenkins primarily uses words beginning or accentuated with the letters ‘p’ and ‘q’. Example:

    I’ve been pedaling this penmanship appreciate the pleasantries

    It’s pretty crazy that he was able to pull this off and still make the entire verse coherent, but if you’ve followed Jenkins’ music as of late, you shouldn’t be surprised at all. Watch the video above.

  • 50 Cent’s Boxing Promotion Company Files For Bankruptcy

    50 Cent takes an L in the ring.

    50 Cent launched his boxing promotion company SMS Promotions back in 2012 and signed on some of the sports rising young stars in Yuriorkis Gamboa, Andre Dirrell and James Kirkland. Always one to promote, Fif’s new venture seemed to be taking off well, that is until today. TMZ recently obtained court documents which show that SMS Promotions filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 25th in a Connecticut court.

    According to the docs, SMS has anywhere from $100K to $500K in debts. With that said, the company fully intends on continuing business.

    An attorney for SMS Promotions says 50 — aka Curtis Jackson — made the decision to file so the business could reorganize and emerge as a stronger company. “Under the direction of Mr. Jackson, SMS Promotions looks forward to reorganizing as a new corporate entity and becoming one of the leading promotion companies in the world of professional boxing.”

    Surely this move was done in order to rid themselves of the liabilities accrued. No word on whether this will effect the deals of the fighters currently on the roster.

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