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Joell Ortiz - Q&A (Official Video)

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Maryann - The Long Way ft. Sbvce (Prod by Sbvce)

Phil Ade - Soon As I Get On Feat. Mya

Shy Glizzy - Awwsome (Official Video)

Troy Ave, T.I. , Spodee & Yung Booke - Money On My Mind (2014 Official Music Video)

Curren$y - Callin

Lil Boosie - Life That I Dreamed Of (Official Video)

Siya ft. Chris Brown & Problem - Nigga Like Me (Official Audio)

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  • Nashville’s Alocodaman Drops ‘Straight Off the Porch’ & “I Am” Video

    Alocodaman drops off his first full length project, Straight Off the Porch, and an accompanying video, for the track “I Am.”

    We recently heard two loosies from Nashville native Alocodaman’s Straight Off the Porch, which is his first ever full length project.  The first two leaks, “Want It All” & “Major Flexxin” couldn’t be more different, stylistically, in every aspect, from the flows, to the intonations, to the beat selection, leaving us to wonder what type of sound he’d be working with on his full length project.  The project dropped yesterday, with most of the production handled by  BandPlay, who contributed to nine out of the 12 tracks.  BandPlay is joined by DispimpinKlassix JonesNasty Nate and Phinesse to lend the soundtrack to Loco’s lyrics.

    Check out the stream to Straight Off the Porch below, as well as a video to the track “I Am.”

  • Ciara To Appear On NBC’s New Show ‘I Can Do That’!

    Clearly, Ciara can do it all!

    Singer/dancer Ciara will be showing off her skills on NBC’s new variety show I Can Do That, hosted by comedian Marlon Waynes. Cici will be joining boy band singer Joe Jonas, Pussy Cat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger, Dancing With The Stars alum Cheryl Burke, and a few others on the new six-episode gig.

    According to Variety, each week the six regulars will work in pairs to put on an act with the help of guest stars who work in other fields (magicians, acrobats, stunt performers, etc.) At the end of the six episodes, one of the regulars will be crowned “the ultimate entertainer.”

    The “I Bet” singer tweeted in excitement about the new opportunity:
    Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.22.34 PM

    Do you think CiCi has what it takes? I Can Do That is set to air this summer on NBC.

    -Tia Long (@Bytialong)

  • Her Source | Our #WCW is the Birthday Girl, K.Michelle!

    K. Michelle is fabulous on her birthday and every other day, which is why she’s our #WCW.  

    Please remember that there’s levels to this ish–yes, there’s criteria–so no, we don’t just give this award to any and everybody. First things first, the woman must be independent and in control of her career. Next, she must keep it cute at all times, and if someone happens to ruffle her feathers, she can easily flip her hair back in place. Lastly, she must be transparent and real because true beauty is held within, while of course, still serving from head to toe. With that being said, K.Michelle, everybody!


    Happy birthday to the beautiful Kimberly Michelle Pete. The R&B songstress turns 31 today, and at the peak of her career, she is just getting started. Shortly after releasing her second studio album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, K. kicked off a twelve city tour,  The Twisted Mind Tour, to promote the project. Taking a few days off to unwind and celebrate her birthday, the singer will be back at it on March 7th in Rochester, NY.

    The ”Love Em All” singer is also releasing her next single pretty soon. She posted this photo this morning with the caption: “It’s My BIRTHDAY!!! Guess what I’m doing??? WORKING! Picking a cover for my brand new single. Excited!”

    Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 5.21.55 PM

    What song off of AWBAH should be the next single? “Miss You But Goodbye” would be winner if you ask us.  Tweet us your pick at @HERSOURCE.

    - Tia Long (@ByTiaLong)

  • (Op-Ed) What Can We Learn From Authors W.E.B. Du Bois and Eckhart Tolle?

    Two authors, two very different backgrounds, two timeless truths intertwined for one universal message of oneness.

    Throughout history, we have been able to study some of the greatest minds of various time periods, and by virtue of doing so, we ultimately realize that though these minds may be of different races and kinds, they have had insight to offer coming generations.  Though they were from two different races, in two time periods, both W.E.B. Du Bois and Eckhart Tolle have ultimately provided timeless observation, and quite possibly, universal truths, in their writings.


    To begin, W.E.B. Du Bois, who is widely recognized as a significant figure for his pursuit of social justice, coined the term “double consciousness.” He used this to describe the separation between one’s conception of self, derived from external influences, as opposed to how one truly feels emotionally within; and in introducing these concepts, he found a way to describe the quintessential experience of black race in America— the concepts of “the veil” and “double-consciousness.”  Though Du Bois uses these terms separately, their meanings and usage in his works are deeply intertwined just as they are in every waking moment of life.


    “Then it dawned upon me with a certain suddenness that I was different from the others; or like [them perhaps] in heart and life and longing, but shut out from their world by a vast veil.”


    That is, just as the white girl looking through the veil could not properly see DuBois for who he was beyond his skin, he in turn could not clearly see the whole white race because of his one negative encounter with her as well, which he then projected onto the entire white race.

    Author Eckhart Tolle speaks of this same concept. At 29, the renowned author tells a story of how he hit a wall when in the midst of suicidal thoughts. His veil was within himself–how he viewed himself based merely on how others looked at him, disconnected from behind his own veil of how he truly felt, emotionally and physiologically. That is, when a continuous voice within his mind repeated “I cannot live with myself” and what followed was a revelation–and that revelation, like that of Socrates, was a question: “Who is I and who is myself?”


    This separation from thought and feeling was the paradoxical disconnect that is forever linked. Thoughts, Tolle says, are cumulative ideas and collective opinions conditioned into the mind and passed onto you from past generations. Like the white girl who could only see a black man through the experience of a white American, Du Bois would say the opinion of the blacks towards themselves were conditioned by those in positions of power condemning them as inferior in a country built off the exploitation of their free labor. Tolle, on the other hand, a white man from Britain, would say those thoughts that haunt your mind are nothing more than fears from past moments and cumulative experiences transcribing themselves to the present moment as stress and fear in our individualistic driven societies where the need to stand apart from the crowd is vital to our existence. What we think and how we feel are in direct connection; though the further we feel we are from what we think of ourselves, the more trauma one feels emotionally. One can see oneself as one thing, however, if the opinions of the masses don’t align with that, then there is an emotional disconnect to the conceived thought, perpetuating the negative perception of self and/or situation

    An example of this is a black man who , like DuBois, was capable in the 19th century. Intelligent, charming, handsome, yet deprived of resources and opportunities by policy legislated with outdated expectations and perceptions  of the black human being. This very incapability to fulfill his potential leaves him at a disconnect from how he feels about himself, fusing with what others think of him, and what he ultimately must accept as his identity.

    Tolle says we carry conditioned perceptions and expectations of ourselves which reverberate in our heads as  inner conversation, otherwise, know as thoughts allow.  These thoughts align with how we feel emotionally, with that of our perceived self, otherwise called the ego. The further we feel from our perceived self, or ego, the worst we feel about ourselves, causing us to feel deficient and incapable; however, when one diminishes these expectations of self and others, one is then vacant of this inner conversation and is now present in the moment to deal with what is here and now. Rather than be tormented by these conditioned expectations, one can truly be present, and see what is as it is.

    Therefore, in being totally present, we can truly observe life and the world objectively, and see its beauty as a constant moving flux where our participation is vital to its existence, as it is to ours. In living with this understanding, and knowing that there is a constant dance of double consciousness in every waking moment, we can better live our lives more passionately and empathetically. What we give out is a direct reflection of what we’re taking in, and what we take in is a direct reflection of what we give out.

    Our inner world is a construct of the external past, and how it has related to the inner spirits of those before us.  The material world which is created by god and its creations, us humans, is simply the reflection of this connection between the two.

    While Du Bois defined double consciousness as the distance between oneself and external phenomenon–feeling as though you have more than one social identity–Tolle has recently introduced the idea of double consciousness within oneself:  feeling as though you have more than one identity from one’s own ego.

    This is the connection I make combining both the work of Eckhart Tolle and W.E B. Du Bois: how a black man, concerned with his external world and its relation to him, and a white man free from restrictions, more concerned with his relation to himself, came together to describe virtually the same thing is no mistake, but more an indication of social indices.

    The universal truth stands: no matter race or time, we are all one in pursuit of the same experience. Our daily reality is a reflection of a predominate inner state based off historical past and expectation; and that inner state is proven to be directly linked to the connection with others.

    In being conscious of this connection, we can make the decision to give out loving and encouraging energy, rather than inflicting pain on others, for, what we say about others is more a reflection of ourselves and our inner worlds.


    - Hurtjohn



  • Watch GZA and Tom Morello Bring Back The Hip Hop Anthem to Fallon

    Last night on Jimmy Fallon, GZA and Tom Morello were in the building performing their one-off collaboration of “The Mexican,” the Wu Tang Clan’s rapper’s cover version . “The Mexican” was originally from British rock band Babe Ruth and released in 1979. The Tonight Show‘s house band filled in for Unknown Mortal Orchestra who appeared in the studio version of the song last year.

    After reuniting last year for their farewell album A Better Tomorrow, it’s been a busy few days for the members of the Wu as Ghostface Killah released his collaborative LP Sour Soup, Raekwon appeared and preformed “C.R.E.A.M” with Kanye West at his London show and RZA released a 13-minute snippet of the group’s exclusive album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Currently, GZA is working on their next space-themed album entitled Dark Matter. He’s been working on this album for the past three years along side a scientist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as guest lecturing at Harvard University.

    Watch the segment here.

    -Bri Christian (@brirezy)

  • Did Karrueche Know Of This Baby Before Last Night?

    As the plot gets thicker every hour on the Karrueche-Chris Brown discussion, the situation has gotten even bigger on social media. According to reports, Karrueche hinted at the knowledge of Chris’ alleged 9-month old daughter and mother just last week. It’s interesting to see that with everyone voicing their own opinion on the topic, little did we know, Karrueche possibly knew of this way before us.

    The post everyone missed:


    screen-shot-2015-03-04-at-8-34-42-amMakes us think: did the media and comments from everyone influence her to end things with Chris?


    -Bri Christian (@brirezy)

  • Dreams Come True: Laura Stylez Talks Journey To Arrive On Hot 97 Morning Show & More

    The ability for a person to actually follow their dream takes fearlessness and comfortability in one’s own skin. Often deemed risky, rare and unpopular, those who actually follow their dreams possess an uncanny amount of chutzpah.

    If you’re radio personality Laura Stylez, the execution to follow her dream embodies all of those aforementioned traits. Yet, it appears so effortless.

    But she’s a natural, so it makes sense!

    One third of New York’s Hot 97 Morning Show airing weekdays from 5 AM-10 AM, Stylez holds it down with Ebro Darden and Peter Rosenberg. The first lady of the morning show also appears midday on Sirius/XM Radio hosting a midday Latin hits show.

    It wasn’t always this grandiose.

    Los Angeles born and raised, Stylez moved to the Big Apple when she was 19 to pursue her dream of being ‘the ma’am’ on the radio waves. Most folks, including her own father didn’t believe that moving to New York was the best viable option for her.  But she stayed the course. “It goes to show you that you have to claim your destiny sometimes and believe in yourself,” Stylez told The Source.

    Stylez went to school and interned at radio stations to earn her keep. Although she’s Guatemalan, homegirl worked three jobs like a Jamaican to pay the rent, keep the lights on and keep food on the table.

    The doggedness paid off.

    Initially, Stylez began as an online digital producer at Hot 97 in 2013. There she’d host live streams and assist former Hot 97 personality and radio legend, Angie Martinez. Stylez credits Martinez for planting seeds in her life and encouraging her to stay true to herself. “She’s truly been a mentor to me and took me in and really just believed in me,” she said.

    That advice would pay off. Stylez whipped her radio chops into form and built trust with producers so much so that she’d fill in on the morning show with Ebro, Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and Shani Kulture. “I’m living the dream and I’m thankful every day,” she said.

    Her presence as the only woman talent on the show is great. Even greater is her distinct rapport with the stars that appear regularly on the show. “I’ve always felt that I’ve never been on the radio and said something that I never believed in,” she said.

    Check Out Laura Stylez and Rick Ross.

    What makes Laura Stylez so special?

    “Her boobs,” joked Hot 97 Morning Show co-host Peter Rosenberg. “No seriously, she’s incredibly honest. Ultimately what makes good radio is honesty. The people that aren’t effective in radio are the people that try to be something that they’re not. Laura is incredibly vulnerable on the air.”

    “Laura is always positive and upbeat,” Hot 97 co-host Ebro Darden tells The Source.  “It’s easy to have people who are super negative all the time. Laura is never, ever, ever down and that’s dope.”

    Stylez knew her potential and maximized it; or as Drake would say, she ‘knew her worth.’ The road to success came with sacrifice, experience, learning from folks who had been there and staying true. “Every day we’re put on this platform to open up and I just can’t be someone who sits there and says something that I don’t believe in.”

  • Watch Tinashe’s Bated Breath Video

    Tinashe does it herself in her self directed music video for “Bated Breathe.”  Shot in a desert this 8 min visual is sure to trip you out. Check it out and let us know what you think below.

    - Def Soul (@DefSoulNJ)

  • Source Sports Presents Fight Club: Who’s in and Who’s out?

    What is the first rule about Fight Club? Say it with me, we don’t talk about fight club. This has been the golden rule in Hockey, NASCAR, and Baseball for years. These “rules’ have been in place since the beginning of their existence. Certain hockey players are placed on the roster just to be the “goons” or enforcers for their teammates. If there is a wreck on the racetrack, then someone is going to have to answer for it. Pitchers always have an issue with the time it takes a batter to round the bases after a home-run.  All these sports believe that intimidation through fighting is a necessary way to enforce the game. But what about the sports that don’t allow fights, that have regulations on brawls breaking out?

    Second rule of fight club, WE DON’T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB. The commissioners of both basketball and football  have placed rules and policies in order to have as little fighting as possible, from penalties on the field to suspensions, see the Malice at the Palace for example. Players seem to use different tacks in order to have toughness in these sports. Sometime it means just taking a technical foul to spark the team, or actually making a big play to cause the team to punt the ball. So this leaves and interesting question. Who’s in, and who’s out?

    Why is it that there are sports in America that have borderline encouraged an boxing like atmosphere in their leagues, while others have a kindergarten mindset of “keep our hands to ourselves”.

    Lets look at some possible factors. Money: According to articles from Fox Sports and ESPN, the NFL generates the most money and also is the most popular among American sport. Baseball is second followed by Basketball and Hockey, so is it just a matter money, and fighting has a relationship with lower profits? Culture: there is a mindset in hockey and Nascar that certain actions won’t be tolerated in the field of play? The problem with this theory is that the NBA had fighting all throughout the  80′s-90′s. Once the fighting really stopped is when the game got better. Race: Football and Basketball are clearly dominated by African-American players, while Nascar and Hockey have an extremely low African American involvement in comparison.  Baseball has had it’s lowest amount of black players on their teams in recent years. The problem with this theory is that black players do not affect fights in sports, all races of players do fight.

    The answer seems to be that there is a clear yet unspoken line between who is in and who is out of the club, but is that good for business?  The rules show that sports such as hockey and baseball are following suit to try and limit the amount of fights in their games. If Nascar wants to follow the trend, it might actually put a lock on the club all together


  • Watch Emilio Rojas’ Freestyle on Showoff Radio

    Emilio Rojas dropped by Shade 45 to shop it up with Statik Selektah on Showoff Radio. While there he dropped a few bars over Jadakiss’ “None of y’all betta” to prove why none of y’all better. Take a listen and let us know what you think in the c-ection.


    - Def Soul (@DefSoulNJ)

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