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Paloma Ford - Lap Dance

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  • T.I. Releases the Tracklist for “Paperwork: The Motion Picture”

    T.I. reveals the tracklist and cover art for his deluxe edition of Paperwork: The Motion Picture

    Just last month T.I. revealed the artwork for his upcoming album Paperwork: The Motion Picture. Today he’s let go some more information and returns with the official tracklist and deluxe edition cover art. The album features Young Thug, Jeezy, Nipsey Hussle, Pharrell, Chris Brown, Iggy Azalea, Lil Boosie, Trae Tha Truth, The-Dream, Rick Ross and more. Pretty much every song has a feature with the exception of two tracks. Tip is dropping his Hustle Gang G.D.O.D 2 mixtape later today, the album drops on October 21. Take a look at the cover art and tracklist below and let us know your thoughts. Were all these features necessary?


    1. King
    2. G’ Shit (Feat. Jeezy & WatchTheDuck)
    3. About the Money (Feat. Young Thug)
    4. New National Anthem (Feat. Skylar Grey)
    5. Oh Yeah (Feat. Pharrell)
    6. Private Show (Feat. Chris Brown)
    7. No Mediocre (Feat. Iggy Azalea)
    8. Jet Fuel (Feat. Boosie Badazz)
    9. Paperwork (Feat. Pharrell)
    10. Stay (Feat. Victoria Monet)
    11. About My Issue (Feat. Victoria Monet & Nipsey Hussle)
    12. At Ya’ Own Risk (Feat. Usher)
    13. On Doe, On Phil (Feat. Trae Tha Truth)
    14. Light Em Up (RIP Doe B) (Feat. Pharrell & WatchTheDuck)
    15. Let Your Heart Go (Break My Soul) (Feat. The-Dream)
    16. Sugar Cane
    17. I Don’t Know
    18. You Can Tell How I Walk (Feat. Rick Ross)

  • Watch Jennifer Lopez’s Video for “Booty” featuring Iggy Azalea

    Anaconda what?

    Jennifer Lopez releases the very sexy visual for her song “Booty” featuring Iggy Azalea. It’s pretty hard to focus on anything else as the video plays, the lyrics, or anything else that’s going on around you for that matter. With legs and plenty of assets from J-Lo and Iggy the video already has 5 + million views. Director Hype Williams is pure genius as J-Lo and Iggy show the world how to really flaunt that extra cushion some women carry around on their backsides. Lopez’s A.K.A. is available now. Watch the video (several times) above and let us know your thoughts.


  • August Alsina Wakes Up From A 3 Day Coma

    August Alsina’s fans are rejoicing everywhere now that he is getting better. The singer posted his first message on Instagram today since his nasty collapse at his New York City show earlier this week. TMZ reported that dehydration and exhaustion caused the incident, which sent fans into an immediate panic.

    August wrote :

    “This is a bit graphic but i wanted to share this w/ every follower of mine. iWoke up out of a 3 day coma… &This guy @banggang_moneyteam right here never once left my side. What I’m tryna say is cherish the ones in life who cherish you & take good care of yourself. Your life can be gone in a split second’. I’m recovering well and thankyou for all of your prayers & concerns. –Yung”

    Hopefully this health scare doesn’t affect his plans to head out on tour with Usher. We’re rooting for him and hoping he has a speedy recovery.



    photo via [The Grio]

  • First Man To Purchase iPhone 6 Drops It On Live TV

    Fans camped out all night in order to get the iPhone 6 today. I’m sure people were tired. Some probably were hungry. However, one man was such an excited mess he managed to drop his brand new iPhone 6. And we’re not just talking about any man but the man to buy the first ever iPhone 6 dropped his for the whole world to see, live on television.

    Jack Cooskey was the first person in line at the Perth Apply Store. Anxious to be the first one and show off his new device to news reporters, the phone fell out of the packaging and right on to the floor. Cooskey spoke with 9NEWS saying “As soon as I knew I’d dropped it I thought someone was going to make a meme or something out of this.” And that is kind of what happened.

    Check the video out below. Are you planning on copping the new iPhone 6?

  • The #SOURCE360/Coors Light Lounge Power 30 Kick-Off Party–An Immense Success In Brooklyn

    Because after Shmoney dancing two or three times it’s guaranteed to be a serious LITuation

    The DJ spun classic 90s hits, partygoers Diddy-bopped while more arrived by the second and the Coors Light was a brewin’. Tonight The Source & the prestigious beer company hosted the launch afterparty for The SOURCE360, & if you were there then you know it was only the beginning to one of the best weekends Brooklyn has ever seen.

    If you were in attendance chances are you got to drink up & get down with the owner & publisher of The Source, Londell McMillan, while the club (lounge) proceeded to go up on a Thursday. Held at the BK-favorite Woodland, no one could have doubted upon first entry that the night would be one filled with multiple drinks, ____ playing your favorite tracks on the 1s and 2s, & various celebrity guests canoodling with other VIPs.

    As the night went on, the DJ kept the guests up to date by playing all of today’s hottest club bangers, & everyone from The Source who was able to attend got the chance to let their hair down, while simultaneously downing a few brews. Towards the end of the night, the crowd reached full capacity & everyone from our readers to the ladies who created their own VIP section TURNED up- & that’s a complete understatement. All in all, the night was a complete success, & left many with one question in mind- what’s next up?! If you’re one of the excited festival participants, no need to fret- it was the only the start. Stay tuned for more coverage of #SOURCE360 as the weekend goes on!

  • Watch Lil Wayne & Drake’s “Grindin”

    Lil Wayne and Drake finally drop their “Grindin” visual.

    Wayne and Drizzy have been undoubtedly busy with their “Vs” tour. Today the rap duo has released the visual for their track “Grindin” which was first dropped on the first day of the tour. The video is pretty dope: a compilation of live footage from performances, backstage shenanigans and tour life in general. It gives fans a pretty good look of just what tour life is. With Tha Carter V release approaching followed by Nicki’s Pinkprint almost exactly a month later, YMCMB is looking to end the year stronger than ever. You can still catch Drake and Wayne on tour over the next two weeks and look out for YG to join the “Vs” tour on select dates.

  • NFL Partners With National Domestic Violence Hotline

    After a string of domestic incidents, the National Football League takes a stand against domestic violence

    With the recent turmoil in the NFL brewing since the season began, and growing criticism of the league not doing enough to remedy the situation of repetitive domestic violence issues, the NFL has partnered with The National Domestic Violence Hotline and National Sexual Violence Research Center.

    The league will provide not only promotional support, but also financial and operational duties.

    Late Thursday commissioner Roger Goodell sent memos to each team regarding the partnerships along with a statement saying the partnership will “enable both the hotline and NSVRC to help more people affected by domestic violence and sexual assault.”

    With five cases now making the headlines in just a few weeks, is the NFL doing enough? Many have questioned the efficacy of Goodell’s leadership, including his blatent disregard for the taped evidence provided to him in the case of Ray Rice beating his wife unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator.

    With the partnerships being a measure for Goodell to save face from a reactive stand point, much more may need to be done from a proactive stand point in terms of consequences for the individuals who allegedly committed the acts.

    -Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)

  • 2 Chainz Teases “Dresser (Lil Boy)” Featuring Young Thug

    2 Chainz previews “Dresser (Lil Boy) featuring Young Thug via Instagram.

    Mr. hairweavekiller himself has released a snippet of a new song that could potentially be the lead single off his up-coming follow-up to the arguably underrated B.O.A.T.S. II. The new track, “Dresser (Lil Boy)” features Young Thug and from the snippet, it sounds like “Dresser” could be a banger. Thug uses his slow and tired flow which just seems to work for the Atlanta rapper. Chainz chimes in with a catchy saying which seems to be the hook: ”Make a lil money leave a lil on the dresser.” Check out the preview here and let us know your thoughts.

  • Diddy’s Revolt TV is Facing Viewership & Money Issues

    Diddy’s Revolt TV seems to be suffering due to the Comcast and Time Warner Merger

    Just last year Diddy’s Revolt TV launched and could been seen and talked about just about everywhere.  This same network that brought The Breakfast Club to TV seems to be having trouble increasing viewership. The network which will celebrate its one-year anniversary next month is having some issues of bringing up their audience from the original 25 million. The Post reported that the network could be facing hardship due to the Comcast and Time Warner merger taking place making it more difficult to get other cable companies to pick up Revolt. With the lack of other cable companies carrying the network, Revolt is having some issues getting a larger assortment of advertisers. This puts a tight hold on money.

    “The good news is that we had deals in place with Comcast and Time Warner Cable,” CEO Keith Clinkscales said. “They have been excellent partners. However, the merger discussions caused the whole industry to slow down. There’s a general wait and see on a lot of things.”

    Although Revolt seems to being facing some financial issues, Diddy seems to be doing well. As we posted earlier this week, he purchased a $40 million dollar home. We have a feeling Revolt will tackle these financial issues faster than you think.

  • Listen To Mick Jenkins’ “Rain” (Prod. Kaytranada)

    Current Unsigned Hype Mick Jenkins is already working on new music since his last project. The Alabama emcee by way of Chicago drops “Rain,” a Kaytranada produced cut that uses the beat from Missy Elliott’s “The Rain.” Mick does what he does best and paints vivid pictures of the grim Chicago streets from his window, foggy and steamy from the rain and smoke. Keep this one on the laptop for rainy days, obviously.

    And if you haven’t listened to The Water[s] yet, do yourself a favor and click HERE. Oh, and mad props to Kay for signing to XL recently.

    Bryan Hahn thinks you should go get the new issue of The Source while you’re at The Source 360 this weekend. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate). Registered & Protected