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  • Film Review: ‘Gone Girl’ Starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike & Tyler Perry

    “Gone Girl was directed by David Fincher and written by Gillian Flynn. It stars Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, and Carrie Coon.

    Gone Girl could have only been directed by David Fincher. While I haven’t read the novel, it’s easy to tell that there is no other director working that could have tackled this sort of material as wonderfully as Fincher has. Gone Girl is dark, calculating, smart, intense, and genuinely one of the most horrifying looks at marriage that I have ever seen. It’s easily one of the best films to be released all year and is one of the best movies Fincher has ever directed. Gillian Flynn, adapting her own novel for her first screenwriting credit, really is the only one who could have wrote the movie. There’s no one better that understands the specific sort of storytelling in the novel and who could have adapted it to the big screen mainly since she wrote it.


    Marriage is hard. For Nick (Affleck) and Amy (Pike) Dunne…well…it may be a bit harder. On the day of their 5th anniversary, Amy has vanished. There are no clear cut clues as to what happened or when it happened except that it seems someone forced their way into the Dunne household and took her. Things with Nick and Amy started out well as these relationships always seem to do — Nick was a journalist in New York until he lost his job while Amy was raised with a trust fund set in her name. When things begin to take a turn for the worst, the two of them move to Nick’s hometown in Missouri where he uses the little bit left in Amy’s trust fund to open a bar with his twin sister, Margo.


    There are two sides to every story: Nick’s story is told in the first person as we follow him through the ongoing investigation while Amy’s story is told in flashbacks and voiceovers as she writes in her diary focusing on the beginning of her relationship with Nick until around the last days before her disappearance. Nick makes himself look innocent, loving, and unable to commit some of the things he’s being accused of. Amy’s journal tells a different story — one of a violent man who began to fall out of love with her. A man who began to turn violent. What starts off as a kidnapping turns into a cat-and-mouse game between two people who took the vow “‘till death do us part.” Who’s death though? That’s the question.


    Who better to play Nick and Amy Dunne than Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike? Okay maybe those aren’t the first two names that popped into peoples heads. Ben Affleck took the role of Nick Dunne and made it his — as someone who faced his share of adversity and hatred earlier in his career, it’s not surprising how easily he was able to slip into Nick. As for Pike, she’s probably an unknown to many which is an odd thing to say for someone who was previously a Bond Girl. But all of that is about to change — she’s a legitimate contender for many Best Actress awards and will find her time in the spotlight very shortly. As for the rest of the cast, Fincher has put together a rather bizarre group of characters and has gotten some of the best performances yet in any of his movies. The most surprising of all though is Tyler Perry. For me personally, I’ve never been the biggest Perry fan. But I’ve always trusted Fincher with his choices and he proved me wrong. Playing the role of Nick’s attorney Tanner Bolt, he comes across as a powerhouse who can handle any sort of situation thrown his way.

    Moving away from the big players, credit has to be given to those behind the scenes as well. Cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth’s sleek and stylistic cinematography really makes Gone Girl a visual treat. Working with Fincher for the fourth time, Cronenweth knows how Fincher works and has given us Fincher’s best looking film to date. Working with Fincher three times in a row, it’s safe to say that composers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross know the type of tone Fincher is looking for. The pairs scores on The Social Network and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo were never overwhelming and never called attention to itself. Reznor and Ross are masters are creating subtle scores while also using the silence to their advantage, to make things feel all the more uncomfortable and unsettling. Their work on Gone Girl is the best they’ve done yet and could very well earn the pair their 2nd nomination for Best Original Score.


    To put it simply, Gone Girl is the must see movie of October, and for most people the must see movie of 2014. Every Fincher film is usually a lock to garner several award nominations and Gone Girl is no different. While it’s no guarantee Fincher will end up actually winning (he’s currently 0-2), Gone Girl may actually be the best chance he has at this point in his career. Rosamund Pike is a lock to be nominated and at this moment in time has to be considered the frontrunner for Best Actress. There’s not a whole lot one can say about the performance without giving too much away, but she’s the strongest part of the film and is both the most brilliant and most unpredictable character of the year. If there is only one movie you get to see this year, make sure you see Gone Girl — the most twisted and demented love story you’ll see in a long, long time.

    “Gone Girl” hits theaters on Oct. 3.

    We had the opportunity to see the film at a special New York Film Critics Series screening. Author Gillian Flynn was in attendance and participated in a fascinating Q&A. You can read the highlights here. 

    -Joshua Kaye

  • Kobe Bryant Sonned Nick “Swaggy P” Young Today In A Hilarious Interview Clip

    Nick Young clearly has some work to do

    When Kobe Bryant was asked during media day in a one-on-one interview who was more successful: Iggy Azalea or his current Lakers’ teammate Nick Young, Kobe’s answer was pretty simple.

    Iggy Azalea. She’s much more successful in her career to this point.


    Kobe’s been known to belittle the efforts of his teammates in his absence. Just last season, he criticized the play of his teammates almost every chance he got, citing their lack of effort as the main source of his disgust. We’ll see how things play out this season, maybe Iggy plays small forward?

  • Listen To New Joey Bada$$ “Get Paid”

    Imagine working while your working. Hm, sounds like a lot right?

    Joey Bada$$ makes it clear that he is playing no games and is heading straight for the cash. Although there is no set release date for his forthcoming album entitled B4DAMONEY. He notified MTV that his debut LP is completed and ready to go.Well, at least he provides fans with  new material while they wait. Check out his single below and upcoming tour dates.


    Oct. 1st – Madison
    Oct. 2nd – Chicago
    Oct. 3rd – Minneapolis
    Oct. 4th – Lawrence
    Oct. 5th – Omaha
    Oct. 7th – Denver
    Oct. 8th – Salt Lake City
    Oct. 10th – Seattle
    Oct. 11th – Vancouver
    Oct. 12th – Portland
    Oct. 14th – San Francisco
    Oct. 15th – Santa Cruz
    Oct. 16th – Centura
    Oct. 17th – Los Angeles
    Oct. 18th – Santa Ana
    Oct. 19th – San Diego
    Oct. 20th – Phoenix
    Oct. 22nd – Albuquerque
    Oct. 24th – Austin
    Oct. 25th – Dallas
    Oct. 26th – Houston
    Oct. 28th – New Orleans
    Oct. 31st – Tampa
    Oct. 31st – St Pete
    Nov. 1st – Orlando
    Nov. 2nd – Atlanta
    Nov. 4th – Carrboro
    Nov. 5th – Washington DC
    Nov. 7th – Philadelphia
    Nov. 8th – New York
    Nov. 11th – New York

  • NBA Training Camp Notebook: Catching Up With New York Knicks’ Tim Hardaway Jr.

    The New York Knicks begin the 2014-15 season with a new coach, slimmer Carmelo Anthony, new offense and high expectations.

    One-third of the Knicks roster is brand spanking new. The team shipped embattled point guard Raymond Felton and center Tyson Chandler to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Jose Calderon and Samuel Dalembert. The team turned heads when they hired recently retired NBA point guard and NBA Champion Derek Fisher as their new head coach. New York made a splash in NBA free agency when they re-signed Carmelo Anthony to a five-year $122 million contract.

    Tim Hardaway Jr. was a member of last season’s team that finished the 2013-14 season at 37-45 and ninth place in the NBA’s Eastern Conference. He’s pleased with the orange and blue’s tweaks during the offseason. “I think we’ll be a pretty tough team especially coming off of the season that we had,” Hardaway tells The Source.

    “Everybody’s worked hard in the offseason and I think with D-Fish and Phil [Jackson] in the front office, we’ll be able to do a lot of good things on the court.”

    The New York Knicks implemented the triangle offense this season and Hardaway Jr. is up for the challenge. “I think I’ll be able to adapt to it pretty quickly,” he said.

    What about the team? An offense that depends on constant motion and big guards, he believes that they’ll be okay. “We have a whole new team and a whole new system. It’s predicated on how smart they are on the court.”

    Hardaway Jr. spent the summer off-season working out, catching movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and was a member of the USA Basketball Select Team. He also checked out free agent movement. A Miami, Florida native, Hardaway is the son of former Miami Heat point guard, Tim Hardaway Sr. Being familiar with Miami, Hardaway watched LeBron James leave the Heat and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers—the team who drafted James in 2003. “It was a family decision I guess,” said Hardaway.

    “I think that’s what he lives off of and that’s what makes him a great player that he is right now. He can play with that pressure in his hands. I can’t wait to see what the city of Cleveland does and how they accept him now and if he does win a championship for that city and how they’ll react.”

    As for the Knicks, Hardaway Jr. had a successful rookie campaign with the orange and blue last season. An All-Rookie First Team selection, he genuinely sees the Knicks as a contender this season. “I know we’re one,” he said. “We’re one, two, three, four and five. I’m not trying to put anyone out there like that, but I think that our team is good and can compete with anyone out there.”

    The Knicks are in training camp at West Point and will begin preseason play on October 8 and 11 where they’ll take on the Boston Celtics in Connecticut. They open up preseason play at Madison Square Garden on October 13 when they host the Toronto Raptors.


  • Check Out The Latest ‘Horrible Bosses 2′ Trailer

    The hilarious comedy, “Horrible Bosses” is back with a sequel starring Jason Bateman,  Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Chris Pine, Christoph Waltz.

    The characters, Nick (Bateman), Dale (Day) and Kurt (Sudeikis) were fed up with their old bosses and decided to launch their own business in this sequel. Business was looking good when an angel investment blessed their company until the slick investor backs out last minute. Desperate to save their business,, the three entrepreneurs create a misguided plan to kidnap the investor’s son and put him under ransom in order to regain control of the company. Nick, Dale, and Kurt takes us on a hilarious ride in their adventure to regain their share of the company.

    The film hits theaters on November 26, 2014.

    -Vivian Chen

  • Stream The Black Opera’s The Great Year Album

    The Black Opera moves in silence but affects change with great fervor. The next movement? Truth. Using the diverse group of producers including Tall Black Guy, 14KT, Waajeed, yU and Arjun Singh, Buff1 and Magestik Legend return to resist assimilation and wake the masses up to their own freedom. More things than you know are imprisoning your mind and The Black Opera aims to break those shackles. I don’t want to say much more as the music does the message justice. Stream and buy it below.

    You can download your digital copy HERE and buy your physical copy HERE.

    Bryan Hahn is observing the year of the Black Opera. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).

  • Watch Joey Bada$$’ “Christ Conscious” Video

    It’s finally getting to that time… that time B4DA$$. Joey Bada$$ enters another level of existence in the first video single from his upcoming album. The Basquiat produced single sets the Boom Bap 2.0 feel to Jozif’s niche in Hip-Hop, as he walks the streets of NYC and growls his rhymes. The visuals feature some extra effects that demonstrate what he probably sees on his higher plane of understanding.

    And as he just started his tour with Vince Staples, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, and Nyck Caution, he gives his patient fans a freebie below, produced by DJ Relly Rell. Dates follow.

    9/26/14 – Toad’s Place – New Haven, CT #
    9/27/14 – Paradise – Boston, MA #
    9/28/14 – Guvernment – Toronto, ONT #
    10/1/14 – Barrymore – Madison, WI #
    10/2/14 – Metro – Chicago, IL #
    10/3/14 – Mill City – Minneapolis, MN #
    10/4/14 – Granada – Lawrence, KS #
    10/5/14 – Slowdown – Omaha, NE #
    10/7/14 – Gothic – Denver, CO
    10/8/14 – Complex, Salt Lake City, UT
    10/10/14 – Showbox – Seattle, WA #
    10/11/14 – Vogue – Vancouver, BC #
    10/12/14 – Roseland – Portland, OR
    10/14/14 – Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
    10/15/14 – Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
    10/16/14 – Venture Theatre – Ventura, CA
    10/17/14 – Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
    10/18/14 – Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
    10/19/14 – World Beast – San Diego, CA
    10/20/14 – Club Red – Phoenix, AZ
    10/22/14 – Sunshine – Albuquerque, NM
    10/24/14 – Scoot Inn – Austin, TX
    10/25/14 – Southside – Dallas, TX
    10/26/14 – Warehouse – Houston, TX
    10/28/14 – House of Blues – New Orleans, LA
    10/30/14 – Grand Central – Miami, FLA
    10/31/14 – Orpheum – Tampa, FL
    11/1/14 – Firestone – Orlando, FL
    11/2/14 – Masquerade – Atlanta, FL
    11/4/14 – Cat’s Cradle – Carrboro, NC
    11/5/14 – Fillmore – Washington, D.C.
    11/7/14 – TLA – Philadelphia, PA
    11/8/14 – Irving Plaza – New York, NY #
    11/11/14 – Irving Plaza – New York, NY

    # Vince Staples will not appear

    Bryan Hahn is still trying to figure out all of the possible interpretations of the name of Joey’s new album. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).

  • Watch Keith Murray Talk About The Janky Promoters Who Didn’t Have The Money To Pay For Battle VS. Fredro Starr

    In an out of focus, but exclusive interview, Keith Murray gives up the real about why the battle with him and Fredro didn’t happen

    This past weekend, Def Squad originator Keith Murray and Onyx frontman Fredro Starr were scheduled to battle at the Atlanta Hip Hop Day, however somebody’s money was funny, so the duel of the mics between two seasoned vets never happened.

    MC Wars COO Amir James said all MCs on the bill, which also includes a battle between Bone Crusher and Texas strip club sensation Mike Jones, said that all of the artists were paid their advances, however, none of them were paid the remainder of what they were owed. Check out the video below of what “the most beautifulest MC” had to say about the situation.

    -Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)

  • Law & Order: SVU Continues To Be Socially Aware With New Ray Rice/Solange/Jay Z/Donald Sterling Episode

    The Law & Order producers are back at it again…

    Law & Order: SVU is known for covering all topics when it comes to heinous crimes like rape & murder but when it comes to keeping up with pop culture, they don’t miss a beat.

    Unless you live under a rock, its nearly impossible to have missed out on this years scandals from Solange‘s attack on Jay Z, Donald Sterling‘s racist drama and the recent Ray Rice domestic violence fiasco. These stories were covered on just about every news and social platform known to man and now its time for SVU to make us even more aware.

    Airing this Wednesday, the “American Disgrace” episode stars fictional NBA player Shakir “The Shark” Wilkins, played by Henry Simmons, who is accused of rape (I mean, it wouldn’t be SVU without it) by his clothing lines PR agent. The story rolls out after a shocking elevator scene, captured via security cam, goes public via the “LMZ” gossip site with no audio. Of course.

    It was only last year that Law & Order: SVU premiered their Chris Brown & Rihanna spinoff which resulted in mixed reviews – most felt the situation was over exaggerated with the episode resulting in “Rihanna’s” death.

    If you’re interested to see how this one turns out, check out the episode as it airs Wednesday at 8PM on NBC.

  • Walking On Thin Hair: What Happened To Lebron James Hairline?

    His hairline was just straight about a week agooooo

    A recent photo of NBA superstar Lebron James hit the internet and it seems like the 4 time NBA Most Valuable Player may have lost valuable touch with the scalp managing game. On September 16, King James made a special appearance for the release of his new Nike Lebron 12 sneakers. The showcase brought positive feedback as many fans anticipate the shoes first release but the main topic of discussion was how improved and crisp Lebron’s hairline was during the event.

    Many people believed that the hairline struggle was finally put to rest and the King can finally look forward to not dealing with the hecklers on social media, clowning the 10 time NBA All star’s hairline growing deficiency. But it is safe to say that the entire sports and entertainment world spoke way too soon as Bron Bron’s receding hairline made a speedy comeback during the opening practice of the Cleveland Cavaliers training camp.

    Some say the hair treatment was weak, others believe he used the mini “Carlos Boozer” hair paint to cover the areas he was receding in. But whatever the case may be, let’s just hope and pray that he can tighten up this problem before the regular season begins.

    New team, new season and hopefully a new hairline would be a clutch three point play for Akron, Ohio legend.


    LeBron James with 12th signature shoe

    — Ben Golliver (@BenGolliver) September 16, 2014


    -Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)

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