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Jidenna - Classic Man ft. Roman GianArthur

Alessia Cara - Here

Euroz: Hours Of Creation

Tory Lanez - Acting Like

Future - Trap Niggas (Official Music Video)

Shy Glizzy "Everything Golden" (Official Music Video)

Belly - Came From Nothing [Official Video]

Chelsea Reject - Go ft. CJ Fly of Pro Era, T'Nah Apex

Visto - On Fleek Tonight (Official Video) Prod. by Kid Cannibal

"Bad Intentions" Niykee Heaton

Rich Cole - Don't Be Good Be Great (DBGBG) - The Rich Tape Promotional Video

Fetty Wap - My Way (Remix) ft. Drake

King Louie ft. Scrap "Members" (Official Video)

Chavis Chandler - ManDogBruhCuz

Althea Heart featuring Benzino - Ghetto Love (Official Video)

DUBB- Trouble On My Mind feat Jake&Papa / Food For My Stomach

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  • Check Out NC Femcee Tiny T’s New Visual For “Money Problems”

    In her new video, “Money Problems”, North Cack’s Tiny T raps over some dope production from Ear Drummer Records. With a mixtape, entitled So Unfair slated to drop July 4th, keep an eye out for a big push to wrap up the second half of 2015.

  • Film Review: ‘Amy’ Is A Comprehensive Swan Song

    The music world sustained a huge hit the day that jazz/pop vocalist Amy Winehouse died.

    An artist so beloved by both fans and industry professionals who had a *huge* hit of an album to her name dying was a shock to the system back in 2011. If you’re a dedicated fan who can sing “Rehab” or “Back To Black” from memory or a casual observer aiming to see what all the fuss is about, Senna director Asif Kapadia’s new documentary Amy introduces and immediately challenges what the world thought of her. She was a multi-faceted and ultimately authentic woman, and Amy is the closest the public will likely ever come to decoding her immense talent and highly guarded life.

    Though she didn’t truly hit it big until Back To Black and its lead single “Rehab” blew our minds back in 2006, Amy’s career began in her early to mid teens, singing songs in bars and clubs throughout North London and casting a spell over the world. Amy’s story is told largely through archival footage ranging from her late childhood up until her tragic death at 27 due to a drug overdose, and believe me when I say that the treatment of her life is *exhaustive*. Her friends, her parents, her extended family ex-lovers, bodyguards, and fellow musicians offer insight and perspective that seeks to dismantle the caricatured junkie image that Winehouse was reduced to by many in the media.

    There’s been much talk of Amy’s family having problems with omitted footage and distorted messages, but the media machine itself is the closest thing that Amy has to an overriding villainous force; massive chunks of the second and third acts show Amy bobbing and weaving through crowds of paparazzo and the all-seeing eyes of their cameras; it gives Amy’s deteriorating condition real poignance, especially as musicians the likes of Mos Def, Tony Bennett, and Questlove (who reportedly broke down during a screening of the film he hosted) wax poetic about plans for the future that never were. As far as music documentaries go, Amy is a comprehensive swan song and an intriguing crash course on a talent who left us before her time.

    CineMasai is dreading the eventual biopic of Amy’s life. 

  • NBA: Paul Pierce Agrees To 3 Year Deal With Los Angeles Clippers

    17 year NBA veteran Paul Pierce is still a force to be reckoned with even at the age of 37. Spending most of his career playing in Boston, leading the team to a championship trophy alongside coach Doc Rivers, he bounced around the league in recent years. Pierce was traded to the Brooklyn Nets prior to the 2013-2014 season and then joined the Washington Wizards last year. In his time there, he averaged a career low in points and rebounds but his contributions to the team far outweighed any stat line. In the playoffs, he was the heart and soul of the Wizards franchise, leading them to the 2nd round with clutch performances.

    With his Wizards contract expired, Pierce had many suitors looking for his services. Some thought he might make a return to Boston, which has a positive future with young talent on the floor and coaching end. But earlier this week, rumors began to swirl in Los Angeles, hinting that he may rejoin former coach Doc Rivers, who had previously attempted to recruit him to the Clippers last offseason. Today, it has been confirmed that Pierce has signed on to play with Lob city.

    According to’s David Aldridge, the deal is for 3 years and it is “mini-mid level for taxpaying teams.” 2 years at $3.3 Million and an option for the 3rd year. Pierce could be the missing link the Clippers have needed in their past few playoff runs that can provide much needed clutch performances when necessary. If LA can resign center DeAndre Jordan, they will definitely be a favorite to come out of the western conference next season.

    Rocko Rathon@Rocko_CNK

  • Gov. Brown Signs Law To Have Mandatory Vaccines For Schoolchildren In California

    Yesterday, (June 30) California officially became the largest state in the country to require schoolchildren to receive vaccinations— unless there is a perfect explanation that disables them to do so, such as medical reasons

    Gov. Jerry Brown, a democrat, signed a bill that ended exemptions for all personal and/or religious reasons on Tuesday. He did so because these personal and religious reasons were the cause of the high rise of unvaccinated children in California. The new law was implemented after a heated debate in reaction to some parents who refused to vaccinate their children against infectious diseases like measles.  According to The New York Times, this year, California experienced an outbreak of measles, which originally began in Disneyland; However, the disease was spread in California due to the lack of children who had not been vaccinated.

    “The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases,” Mr. Brown said in a statement. “While it is true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community.”

    Other states, like West Virginia and Mississippi, have similar vaccination requirements, told the New York Times.

    What will happen if parents still decide not to have their children vaccinated? Under the new law, families with a non-medical reason for declining vaccines will have to home-school their children, according to The New York Times. Fortunately, unvaccinated children who are currently in school will be allowed to remain, but eventually, they will be expected to show proof of vaccination once they enter kindergarten and seventh grade.



    With Sherley Boursiquot

  • Fuerza Bruta Is A Unique & Memorable Theatrical Performance Piece

    You better like getting wet if you want to come see this show

    Fuerza Bruta is an incredible and unforgettable show that immerses all of your senses in one big performance.  This show combines an intense but rhythmic setup of live music, intense dancing, and stellar aerial displays in a type of theatrical performance that will surely take your breath away.

    Upon entering the stage area, guests soon realize that there are no seats for this performance and they are soon told that to get the full experience that Fuerza has to offer, they have to follow the instructions of the staff and that they will be moving around the stage frequently.  Part of the fun in Fuerza is the fact that guests have no idea what exactly they are getting themselves into.  Maybe a few have heard bits and pieces of what Fuerza is but it is impossible to fully understand it unless you experience it firsthand.

    The live music paired with the aerial aspect makes this performance piece one that guests can have fun dancing along to.  With smoke machines, a vaulted swimming pool of sorts, mist machines, and even indoor rainfall, you will love every moment of this show.  Fuerza Bruta is something that can and will blow your mind and leave you wondering what exactly you saw but also not minding the fact that you have no idea what it is that just happened.  Als0, Fuerza Bruta has partnered with NYC’s legendary nightclub/live music venue Webster Hall to host DJ Nights following every Friday late night performance this summer. The DJs will be hand selected by Webster Hall, and will play a special extended 20-30 minute dance set during the performance. Admission to Webster Hall is free to all Fuerza Bruta ticket holders on the night they attend the performance, so they can continue the party at the official Fuerza Bruta after party location.


    -Vinesh Vora

  • Russell Simmons’ ‘Meditation Made Simple’ App Will Show You How It’s Done

    Hip Hop’s original yogi shows you how to really get your mind right in a new updated, digital form

    Russell Simmons is at it once again. The practice that once found him, meditation, is now in an app he’s introduced to help it find others as well. What really started out as yoga to be able to meet women has been what allowed Russell Simmons to get into a state of mindfulness that he’s been kept going for almost two decades.

    To follow up his highly successful book, Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple, which helped countless readers find meditation themselves, Russell is launching a free new iOS app, Meditation Made Simple.

    “So many people have bumped into me on the street and told me that meditation changed their life — it helped them lose weight, it helped them get rid of anger issues, it helped them do better in school,”

    Simmons told The Huffington Post. “Every day someone will tell me something like that after reading my book, and I think it’s a great gift.”

    Russell hopes that this latest move of his will help even more people in their search for mindfulness, even if it’s just a little bit. The app itself is a tool to learn meditation, and to help find seamless ways to integrate it into everyday life. Designed by Simmons himself, the app includes a description of meditation’s benefits, an explainer on how to meditate, and 10- and 200 minute guided meditation exercises.

  • Watch Veteran Assassins-”Lemme In” Video

    Los Angeles transplants Veteran Eye and Ethemadassassin, infamously known as Veteran Assasins, take the masses on a wild and eventful tale in the lead single of their upcoming third album “G.O.L.D.” (Guns, Oil, Land and Diamonds).   Follow the duo as they face cops, capos and wack MC’s.  Check out the Rob Deane directedLA Bakers produced single  above and give your thoughts below.



  • A Robot Killed a Man at a Volkswagen Plant in Germany

    Very scary news out of an industrial plant in Europe

    For those that have long opposed the regular use of robots in the workplace, citing their inability to use human discretion, here’s your ammunition. A robot grabbed a man and crushed him against a metal plate, causing fatal injuries.

    According to the AP, the robot’s malfunction was likely due to human error, which doomed the 22-year old employee. Normally, the robot is programmed to grab parts and manipulate them in a confined area. The individual died at the plant before he was able to be rushed to a hospital.

    Prosecutors are still determining whether or not charges should be filed, and if so, against whom, and there is an ongoing investigation into the matter. Chances are, if criminal charges aren’t filed, Volkswagen has a massive lawsuit coming their way from the young man’s family.

  • Listen Here: Cory Jreamz – Brando EP

    Brando is the first release from 20 year old Houston artist Cory Jreamz, since 2013′s Invictus. Many fans of Cory Jreamz who have waited were treated with 4 uptempo songs for the Summer. MTRINCA (hailing from London) provides Cory with an proper intro track where Cory states ”I’m hollywood now”. Quite the statement too say. Toronto producer Nightizm also provides Cory with 2 thumping instrumentals with 21 & MIGHTSTACKSOMETHING, featuring New York rapper Ro Ransom. The ending for the 4 song EP is quite fitting. Produced by OVO Producer Eric Dingus (produced Drake’s ”Now and Forever) Cory not only ends it on a personal note, but one with you wanting more. ”No more running I ain’t a slave, tell Ms America I can’t conform this a new day” brings Cory up close. Recorded in places such as Toronto, New York, and Houston, Brando is an  excited release and shows the rappers diverse taste. Cory states that ”Brando is strictly for the summer”, ”my album sounds nothing like this”. We can only imagine what’s next. Cory’s next release is slated for August with label ”Friends of Friends” (behind Shlohmo and other Electronic producers).

  • NBA Free Agency Time is Here and Now

    At 12:01 this morning, NBA General Mangers began to try to check off their respective Christmas lists by picking up the best free agents money can buy. There have already have been massive contracts signed, like the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis 5 years/145 million, Portland’s Damian Lillard getting snatched back up for 5 years/120 million, and Miami’s Goran Dragic keeping his talents in South Beach for 5 years/90 million.

    None of those deals are particularly surprising–though $120 million seems like a lot for Lillard, but what do we know?–but they’ll certainly help all teams involved continue their quest for playoff dominance. The remaining free agent bunch features a fascinating field of game-changers, like LaMarcus AldridgeMarc Gasol, and DeAndre Jordan just to name a few.

    They all have meetings with various teams, and it’s time to see where the chips fall. We’ll continually update this page as things happen.

    Kevin Love
    2014-2015 Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
    New Team: Cleveland Cavaliers
    Contract: 5 years, $110 million

    A move that makes sense for both sides. If LeBron isn’t going to burn out and get frustrated with the Cavs for the second time in his career, he’s going to need some significant supporting acts, and Love, who averaged 16 points and 10 rebounds in 75 games for Cleveland last season, is one of them.

    Mike Dunleavy Jr.
    2014-2015 Team: Chicago Bulls
    New Team: Chicago Bulls
    Contract: 3 years, 14.4 million

    Dunleavy Jr. won’t make or break the Bulls scheme to get over the Hawks/Cavs hump and get to the NBA Finals, but he’s definitely a good asset to have. Dunleavy Jr. shot 40% from behind the arc last year, averaging 10 points, and caught fire in the playoffs giving the Bulls some much needed scoring off the bench. Good move as the Bulls move into the post-Thibs era.

    Thaddeus Young
    2014-2015 Team: Minnesota Timberwolves/Brooklyn Nets
    New Team: Brooklyn Nets
    Contract: 4 years, 50 million

    The Nets are in dire need of some athleticism, and Young gives them that. He isn’t a huge offensive threat–he averaged 14 points per game last year–but he’s a reliable 2-way player that will perfectly compliment Brook Lopez in the low-pot.

    Brook Lopez
    2014-2015 Team: Brooklyn Nets
    New Team: Brooklyn Nets
    Contract: 3 years, 60 million

    Lopez was involved in several trade rumors last year, and many thought he’d walk in free agency. Wrong. Lopez is locked in for $20 mil a year, and will anchor the reshaping of the Nets’ franchise.

    Tiago Splitter
    2014-2015 Team: San Antonio Spurs
    New Team: Atlanta Hawks

    Under Popovich’s system in San Antonio, Splitter became a two-way presence at the center position, and he’ll team up in Atlanta with Hawks’ All-Star Al Horford. This almost certainly means the Hawks don’t believe they can resign Paul Milsap, who has been offered a max deal by the Magic.

    DeMarre Carroll
    2014-2015 Team: Atlanta Hawks
    New Team: Toronto Raptors
    Contract: 4 years, 60 million

    Carroll emerged in the Hawks’ playoff run as a tenacious defender and better-than-average spot up shooter, and he’ll head to Toronto to presumably start on a team that was swept out of the playoffs. The Raptors have rarely had a go-to scorer over the past few seasons, and Carroll will help shoulder the load Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan currently carry.

    Jimmy Butler
    2014-2015 Team: Chicago Bulls
    New Team: Chicago Bulls
    Contract: 5-years, 90 million

    Butler sounded like a goner last week, but he’s decided to stay with the Bulls and work it out with his new coach, and running mate Derrick Rose. The NBA’s Most Improved Player combined with Derrick Rose to form the most dangerous back-court in the Eastern Conference, and by resigning him, the Bulls remain the team most likely to take down Cleveland next year.

    Brandon Knight
    2014-2015 Team: Milwaukee Bucks/Phoenix Suns
    New Team: Phoenix Suns
    Contract: 5 years, 70 million

    Brandon Knight is often referred to as the league’s punching bag, but there’s no debating his talent as a point guard. Knight experienced his best year last season, posting career high averages in field goal percentage, three-point percentage, free throw percentage, rebounds, blocks, assists and steals in 52 games with the Bucks before being traded to Phoenix.

    Tyson Chandler
    2014-2015 Team: Dallas Mavericks
    New Team: Phoenix Suns
    Contract: 4 years, 50 million

    Somehow, the Mavs let the man who helped them win their only NBA title slip through their fingers once again, and the Suns are better off for it. Chandler will be a much needed defensive anchor for a team that loves to get out in transition, and let’s not forget that he’s one of the best living pick-and-roll big men.

    Amir Johnson
    2014-2015 Team: Toronto Raptors
    New Team: Boston Celtics
    Contract: 2 years, 24 million

    After 6 years with the Raptors, Johnson is taking his talents to Boston, where he’ll join Jared Sullinger in the paint. Johnson isn’t much of an offensive threat, but he’ll provide a traditional, big body center presence to help contrast Sullinger’s finesse game.

    Kyle Singler
    2014-2015 Team: Detroit Pistons/Oklahoma City Thunder
    New Team: Oklahoma City Thunder
    Contract: 5 years, 25 million

    With Kevin Durant injured for the majority of last season, the Thunder desperately needed some depth at the small forward position. When they traded for Kyle Singler, they got a sharpshooter (40% from three) and a decent rebounder that could give them good minutes off the bench. He’ll continue to do that for the next few years.

    King Jut (@KingJut92)

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