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Rapsody - Drama

Joell Ortiz - Q&A (Official Video)

Fat Trel - Walkin Thru My Hood [Official Music Video] | HD

Maryann - The Long Way ft. Sbvce (Prod by Sbvce)

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  • Sephora Is Being Sued For Racial Profiling

    Giant cosmetic chain deactivates Asian’s accounts

    French brand and chain cosmetic store Sephora, is accused of racially discriminating against customers of Asian and Chinese origin. The cosmetic company allegedly blocked the users after an online marketing event that took place on November 6th.

    The allegations started after the event, which offered a 20 percent discount on products, the event captivated so many consumers the website crashed. Once the website was back up and running later that day, email addresses with names indicating Asian/Chinese national origin, descent and race were blocked or deactivated.

    The plaintiffs claim the company acted on the “discriminatory belief that all Chinese/Asian customers abuse discount sales to engage in bulk purchase for re-sale.”

    Owned by LVMH, the cosmetic giant denied the accusations, and stated: “This lawsuit significantly distorts the facts in this matter. We look forward to defending our actions in court,” the statement said. “Among other points, we intend to make very clear that clients from a number of countries around the world have been impacted by a temporary block we needed to place on accounts in order to restore the functionality of our site during a surge of activity by resellers during a promotional event two weeks ago.”

    “This is an egregious example of a retailer singling out individuals based on racial sterotypes,” Attorney Doug Wigdor said.

    Wigdor estimated he’d seek a sum deep in the millions, he is waiting for figures to be determined at trial.

    -Sara D.(@evolaras4real)

  • Brightocular—Is it safe?

    With the rage of all the new cosmetic surgery, women and men who were tired of temporarily changing their eyes with contact lenses discovered a procedure that can permanently change your eye color. Brightocular is a technique that Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris first introduced to the hip hop world in her Instagram post after she went to South Africa for the procedure. Now her 18 year-old daughter Zonnique is also rumored to have had the procedure done and posted new pics on her Instagram page as well, but is it safe and what are the long-term effects?

    Here’s what we found on their website:


    BrightOcular is a United States developed artificial iris implant made of a thin, flexible, biocompatible, colored medical grade silicone which has been developed to alter iris appearance for medical and cosmetic purposes.

    The intraocular implant is used to treat or alleviate cases of heterochromia, ocular albinism, and other iris-related abnormalities by protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of sunlight in patients who suffer from high levels of photosensitivity.

    The United States patent approved artificial iris implant covers up iris defects such as coloboma, aniridia, severe iris atrophies, iridoschisis, and also allows for the change in eye color for cosmetic reasons.

    We aren’t exactly sure of what the long-term affects are with this procedure, but here’s what Tiny had to say about her experience:

    “They go into the eye and they make a little slit,” she explained. “They take an implant and it’s folded up. They open it [and] spread it over your eye. They told me that the procedure was going to be quick, five to 10 minutes an eye,” she said. “They woke me up. It was very blurry, then it kind of fades in. I looked into the mirror and I was like, ‘They are amazing,’” she said. “I love them.”

    Only time will tell!


  • Watch Dre Chief’s Latest Video ‘Rep My Hood/Locked in’

    New Jersey’s newest threat to the industry—The versatile hip hop artist Dre Chief is sure to grab the world’s attention with his undeniable talent and raw lyrics.

    Fresh off his recently released album, ‘High Price Living’ hosted by DJ Dondemarco—available on, Dre Chief is a force to be reckoned with. His strong online presence and countless showcase wins drew the attention of some of the top producers in the game. He has collaborated with Shawty Redd, Black the Beast, and K.E. on the Track just to name a few.

    Featured on Power 105.1 and performing for BMI, ASCAP and even The Source Magazine events, Dre Chief has proven he has only just begun.

    Peep his new video for ‘Rep My Hood/Locked in’

    Also check out his new party anthem ‘Cash & Freaks’ featuring Juicy J!

    Follow Dre Chief on Instagram @DreChief, Facebook/DreChief, and

  • Iggy Azalea Fires Back At Eminem On Twitter For “Rape” Lyrics

    Eminem is the latest rapper to step into the ring with Australian upstart Iggy Azalea following an comical-if-not-awkward exchange between the artist and Snoop Dogg last month. This latest “beef” stems from a leaked snippet from Em’s upcoming song, “Vegas” off of his forthcoming compilation album, Shady XV. He raps:

    “You’re lucky just to follow my ride/ If I let you run alongside the Humvee, unless you’re Nicki/ Grab you by the wrist, let’s ski/ So, what’s it gon’ be?/ Put that s–t away, Iggy/ You gon’ blow that rape whistle on me.”

    Iggy took to her Twitter to respond:

    Iggy v Em

    Iggy x Em2

    Amidst an influx of Bill Cosby rape accusations, this feud couldn’t have ben more poorly timed. Let’s just hope T.I. steps in for some damage control.



  • Listen To Alex Wiley’s “Booty Club (Goin Dumb Again)”

    The last time I posted an Alex Wiley joint, I outright called him a rock star. This latest track further confirms that fact. Not only can he ride out the highs behind closed doors but he can also delve deep into the pits and show a darker side. But in the end, it’s all in the name of his squad.

    The new Blev produced cut makes it feel like Halloween all over again, but this time it’s at the strip club. It all makes sense after you understand that he’s about making Smile Rap–positive, yet dark and beautiful music. In a way, it’s more realistic and palpable.

    As for the song title, he had this to say in an interview with Noisey:

    It’s a song that I made in a hotel room. I had this bodyguard on the East Coast tour, and he used to come in the hotel rooms like late as sh*t at night, like on some 4 AM sh*t, and we’d just be like ‘where were you?’ And he’s like ‘man, I was just in the booty club’ and sh*t. And one random night he comes in at like 5 AM, waking everybody up, and we’re like ‘where were you?’ and he’s like ‘the booty club, going dumb again’ and it was like the funniest sh*t I had heard in that moment, the booty club going dumb.

    Bryan Hahn can only imagine the hordes of groupies Wiley‘s booty aficionado/bodyguard will have to fend off at his next tour. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).

  • Listen To Michael Christmas’ “Bootleg Designer” Ft. Sir Michael Rocks

    It’s not easy to stunt 24/7. So before you have the time and money to constantly cop next season’s pieces, you might have to head to the closest thrift store and Martha Stewart your own outfit. Or if you’re creative enough, make your own wardrobe from scratch. To get more tips on either of these methods, peep Michael Christmas’ new single with Sir Michael Rocks. If the Goodwin produced track isn’t relatable to most of us out here trying to flourish, I don’t know what is.

    Look out for Christmas’ next album most likely next year in the Spring, as he works on it in sunny Los Angeles. In the mean time, you can peep some of SMR’s pieces HERE to keep you warm.

    Bryan Hahn wonders how many kids get Bootleg Designer as a result from your aptitude test in high school. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).

  • Good Feels From Beyonce Via Her New Track “Ring Off”

    Not only were the ladies and the gentlemen excited about hearing of a new release from Mrs. Carter, but that’s not exactly what we got. Instead we get a reloaded like edition of the self-titled album, Beyonce with remixes, DVD and two new songs. Earlier this week, we got a snippet of both 711 and now the entire version of Ring Off.

    Think of it as an ode to your fierce, fearless yet vulnerable mother. Beyonce even tells us to put our love on top. Cute, freeing and a nice upbeat track for the chilly weather. Take a listen here.

    Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaTot) & just mixed Ring Off With Movin Bass…FLEEKY ZEEKY.

  • Jerry Rice: Sherman, Peterson, Revis. None Of Them Could Hold Me

    Bold statement, Jerry

    Jerry Rice is widely regarded as the best wide receiver of all time, and for good reason. He holds several prestigious wide receiver records, including most receiving yards and most receiving touchdowns. He was one of the most feared offensive players in the game down to the very last years of his career, and even as a retired NFL legend, Rice wants you to know one thing. Not much has changed.

    In an interview with Bleacher Report, Rice claims that the top cornerbacks in the game (according to him): Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis, could not hold him. While Rice admits that he doesn’t have the physicality and athleticism that some wide receivers these days have, he’d win by his ability to get off the line of scrimmage.

    BR: Which onen would have a chance?

    Rice: They don’t have a chance

  • Watch The All New “Cinderella” Trailer Here

    A new look at a timely classic

    Walt Disney Studios proudly presents the story of “Cinderella,” which, of course, follows a young girl named Ella, played by Lily James, whose father remarries a terrible and cruel woman who treats Ella terribly, especially after her father passes away.  Ella is also tormented by her stepsisters Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drisella (Sophie McShera) and is eventually made to be the household servant.  As the story goes, she meets the Prince at a ball and sparks fly, and with the help of a fairy godmother and a few mice, Ella will hopefully get her happily ever after.  This modern revamp of a classic tale will be sure to capture the hearts of all its viewers, just as the animated classic by Disney did many years ago.  Be sure to watch the trailer here and “Cinderella” hits the screen on March 13, 2015.

    -Vinesh Vora (@vineshv1206)


  • Film Review: ’25 To Life’ Directed By Mike Brown

    HIV/AIDs is not an easy disease to live with.

    For many people, it’s practically a death sentence that prevents you from living the life you want to live. What Mike Brown’s 25 to Life shows is that this doesn’t have to be the case. Mike Brown focuses his documentary on William Brawner, who has been living with HIV since he was 18 months old. Instead of telling a story about a man thinking about his mortality every day of his life and thinking how it could all possibly end, 25 to Life shows William Brawner living his life not as a diseased man but just as a man. While this train of thought comes with consequences, Brown doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to Brawner’s life and what we’re given is a gripping tale of one man’s reality and how he tries to find redemption in his actions.


    A bit reckless, selfish, and always the life of the party during college, William Brawner wasn’t someone who thought about what he was doing — instead he just did it. He was the womanizer-type and wound up having numerous sexual encounters while not telling his partners about his health. He was diagnosed with HIV after suffering from a badly burn injury that required blood transfusions. One of those transfusion was with tainted blood and the virus was transmitted into his system. At a young age he was advised by his mother and aunt to tell no one and he did just that. He only told one person previously, his high school girlfriend, and that was after two years of being together where they had over 100 sexual encounters and miraculously she remained clear from Will’s disease.


    A few years after his time spent in college, William heads down his path of redemption in an attempt to make up for all the lives he may have impacted in such a negative way. He comes out on the radio as HIV positive, he starts up a youth center for teens living HIV/AIDs, he gets married to Bridgette, someone who accepts his disease and accepts Will for his past and what he’s done. She stands beside him throughout his whole journey, pushing him to be the best man he can be. William is an unlikely face of HIV/AIDs, and to many they will look at him and see someone who is just irresponsible and someone who shouldn’t be a role model. He put lives at risk by remaining silent. But for all he has done wrong, there’s positives to his story. He’s someone who was basically given a death sentence at a young age. Instead of giving in to the disease, he took his medications, lived a healthy lifestyle, and continues to live his life. He’s now a father and both his child and wife remain HIV negative.


    25 to Life is a documentary unlike any I’ve seen before. It’s easy to find yourself thinking negatively of William Brawner due to just how careless he was when he was younger. But to watch just how hard he works to make things right with the people he has wronged and how much effort he puts into becoming a positive role model for teenagers and young adults…it’s just as easy to forgive him for his past mistakes. Lucky for him, no one he has been with has contracted the HIV virus. William Brawner is both an inspiration for younger generations as well as a cautionary tale on how not to live a life with such a threatening disease.

    25 To Life opens theatrically in Los Angeles on November 28, 2014. Along with a series of one-night engagements across the country including New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, London and Chicago beginning on December 1 to coincide with World AIDS Day. There will be 25 screenings for 25 TO LIFE to help promote HIV/AIDS awareness across the globe. Ava DuVernay’s organization AFFRM is distributing the film. 

    -Joshua Kaye

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